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Release the potential of your people to manage and grow your business

Who? For managers

What? Six confidence building modules that add strength, skills and resilience to your management team. Knowing how to manage and lead in this new world.

Step change the management skills needed to lead and perform
 Vision & goal setting
 Advanced communication skills    Coaching and people development
 Team building skills
 Problem solving
 Cross functional collaboration

What's covered?

Learn superhuman communication, collaboration and decision making skills to thrive at work

Who? For individual contributors

What? Six essential modules to transform young potential into valuable, rising stars. It's about helping you to collaborate and make things happen faster and more effectively.

The essential skills needed to solve problems and create value in our complex world of work
 Advanced communication skills
 Creating effective teamwork 
 Organising work
 Problem solving
 Facilitating decision making

What is covered

Start well in the changing world of work

Who? For career starters in their first year of work

What? Six starter modules to help you get the basics right and help you work with others, navigate the workplace and stay focused in a busy environment

Step change the management skills needed to lead and perform
 Communication skills
 Problem solving
 Managing self

What's covered?

Designed to help you learn quickly and easily

Online videos
and other resources
Easy 24/7 access to your course lessons and resources so you can learn when and where you choose.  

People powered 
coaching and support
Access to our experts and a community of peers to deepen and personalise your learning experience.

On the job feedback and encouragement
Active support from your line manager prompted by digital nudges and reminders.

What our learners say

#learned by doing |  #more confidence| #Office Hours is so useful | #highly recommend

LEAD is an excellent management course where I built skills that have been immediately useful in the workplace. I always find that I learn the most from putting what I have learned into practice and this course helped me do this so well. I learn more by doing! I would highly recommend the course.
Liam - LEAD
The course has helped me have more effective conversations with my team and given me simple tools for great 1 - 2 - 1s and personal development plans
Belle - LEAD
The LEAD programme has been invaluable in giving me the skills, resources and information on how to manage. It provides brilliant resources so each week you can put the information you have learnt into practice straight away, which I found incredibly useful and ensured that what I learnt immediately became part of my day to day role. I would highly recommend it if you have just become a manager. It has transformed how I manage my team. I am so much more confident. 1:1s are now more focused, my team are clear what they need to do and seem happier. I think we are getting more done in less time. The Office Hours sessions were especially helpful. 
Lydia - LEAD
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